Heikki Kariluoma Pian lurahtaa!

Peace for the whole world!

Peace for all countries in the world:
Peace for EU

Peace for UN

Peace for Nato

Peace for USA

Peace for Finland

Peace for Scandinavia

Peace for UK

Peace for all.

More peace

More love

More joy

More good thoughts

More good actions

More good decisions: If you don't have anything to do, tell your colleagues in differing countries to work for peace/or the aforementioned. To do a good decisions simply means to do an action (it can be anything) that has positive value. Keep a solid network and spread the good news!

Peace for working class citizens, and for those who are in need of something.

Climate change is fixed in 2 years if you want so.

The fight is automatized and will be fixed in less than a year if you want so. More peace!

Fix the relations between the working class and the middle class.

Those who have power (economic, social, whatever) use it to make good decisions, decisions that have only positive value, as well as you can. Its not about perfection. Just make good decisions overall.

Let your thoughts become actions, and when you feel good, let it show naturally. Don't be afraid of speaking whats in your mind. 


More peace!
World peace! 70 000 days of peace

Have faith!


More love!


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