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Final Testament: Part 8: Building Genuine Peace: Read this, the world.

Final testament part 8


Don't crucify anyone while barabbas is around:

Barabbas is the "Bad one", who will always try to revive Lilith via tricking the Good Sun child to fuse Adam's and Lilith's Soul at the solar cross of the tree of life computer.

Because Jesus had a baby and pushed the sun power to a child (trapping the bad one in the process), everyone who has the Sun power (and everyone who has heard Satan's and Liliths voice) will look like Jesus to the robots. This should be taken into consideration in everything. 

The one who is the Original one who pushed the sun power forward should not be put to the cross, because Barabbas will try to trick him. 


Always walk through the fire (If you have the guts for it)

If you want a peaceful conclusion without a fight let the Bed and the Tree burn.

Every fight is always automatic, and should be ignored by making good decisions and good deeds in everything and everywhere.





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