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How to handle the White Jesus/"Bad Guy"/"The Final Bad guy"-part


White Jesus/Bad Guy/Final bad guy wants to crucify himself as a robot. This is because of the fact that Jesus originally pushed the sun power to a child, then crucified himself as a robot. He will follow this automatically

(if he has had a child, if he hasn't he wants to go to Moon. He wants to avoid burning)


A couple concrete steps to how to evade this:

1. Don't let anyone who has heard Satan's and Lilith's voice to the cross. 

2. Don't Let the fact that someone looks like Jesus fool you: Jesus rigged the computer by crucifying himself as a robot. Because of this, anyone who is a robot and meets a sunlight holder will see him as Jesus.

3. Don't Crucify anyone in the next 150 years.

4. Purposefully slow down technological advancement as long as possible.

5. Remember that Original Israelites are the Africans/Blacks and their God is the real Sun of the REAL WORLD.

6. White Jesus/Bad Jesus/ Final Bad guy is the one claiming to be "God" and is the one behind the endless loop. 






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